LECTURE: Dr. Oriol Casanovas is going to talk about "Resistance to Antiangiogenic Therapies by Metabolic Escape via Nucleotide Catabolism

BIOGRAPHY: Dr. Oriol Casanovas is an internationally renowned laboratory researcher with ample knowledge and expertise in basic and translational research of mouse models of cancer and tumor angiogenesis. His research at ICO-IDIBELL in Barcelona has always been focused on determining the consequences of adaptation and resistance to anti-angiogenic therapies against cancer. His scientific achievements have been published in the most prestigious journals in the field of cancer research, and for their particular impact, his papers have frequently been published with “preview” articles and associated to several highlights or commentary articles in the most prominent scientific journals. Apart from his strong international position, he has established a multidisciplinary collaborative team with the clinical researchers and is part of several Advisory boards of pharmaceutical and biotech spin-offs.

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