Alberto Villanueva is the group leader of Chemoresistance and predective factors to tumor response and stromal microenvirontment group in Oncobell. His research in cancer is based on the Orthoxenografts®, experimental mouse models in which a small piece of human tumour is implanted (implantation from one spices to another, xenograft) in the same organ of origin (orthotopically). Orthoxenografts® are characterised by reproducing the histological, genetic and molecular characteristics of the original primary tumour, representing an excellent scientific tool for predicting patient response to chemotherapy treatment, and providing treatment alternatives based on scientific evidence. The strategic lines of his research are:

  • Study of the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms associated with the development of resistance to chemotherapy treatment in different types of tumours.
  • Study of the tumour stroma as a modulator of tumour growth and response to chemotherapy.
  • Preclinical evaluation of new drugs with therapeutic potential
  • Identification in the C. elegans model organism of gene interaction with established tumour pathways.

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